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Mark Wahlberg On Set For ‘Transformers’ Sad About His New Hair Length


The Star of the successful Transformers complained bitterly about the compulsion to grow his hair for the set and preparing for the Last Knight directed by Michael Bay.

In an interview with Detroit Post, Mark counts the several ways the hair gives him great discomfort
in his word;

"Not being able to roll down the window when you're driving in a car. It just blows in your face."

Golfing is a new challenge. "I cannot putt. I gotta try to tuck it in my hat when I'm trying to make a putt and my hair is like dangling."

Oral hygiene is also a problem: "I go to brush my teeth and my hair is tickling my nose to the point where I sneeze."

"You get on the squat machine and the shoulder rests pull your hair. Foam rollers pull the hair." (Samson never used a foam roller.)

"I just stare at women and think how do you do that? How do you seem to be comfortable with this?"

Well Mark has to keep that hair on till the Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 is out with stars great actors like Anthony Hopkins, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel & of course Mark Wahlberg.

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