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Five in six children under two years old are not fed enough nutritious food for their age, depriving them of the energy and nutrients they need at the most critical time in their physical and cognitive development, according to a new UNICEF report.

You'll always want to confirm any pregnancy test result with your doctor, but taking an at-home pregnancy test and knowing your pregnancy status allows a woman to initiate prenatal care as soon as possible.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took direct ultraviolet images of the icy moon Europa transiting across the disk of Jupiter. Out of ten observations, Hubble saw what may be water vapor plumes on three of the images. This adds another piece of supporting evidence to the existence of water vapor plumes on Europa - Hubble also detected spectroscopic signatures of water vapor in 2012. The existence of water vapor plumes could provide a future Europa flyby mission the opportunity to study the conditions and habitability of Europa's subsurface ocean. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Katrina Jackson Music: "Next Generation" by Enrico Cacace [BMI]; Atmosphere Music Ltd PRS; Volta Music;

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