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London-based sales and marketing firm, Monarch Movements, is encouraging budding entrepreneurs to drop the excuses and make 2017 a year to remember!

Monarch Movements argue that the famous quote by Florence Nightingale is one that entrepreneurs should reference “I attribute my success to this, I never gave or took an excuse.”

Sales and marketing experts, Monarch Movements state that success starts as a mindset and that more often than not, the things that hold people back are in their minds and that to drop the excuses requires a change of mindset.

Here, Monarch Movements has outlined the four most common excuses, and how to overcome them.

1/ I don’t have time

The most common excuse people give is that they don’t have enough time. However, Monarch Movements counter that explaining that everyone has the same 1440 minutes every day, and it’s how they choose to use it that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

2/ I don’t have any experience

“The master at anything was once a beginner.” States Mr Crofts. At Monarch Movements, when searching for new talent, experience in their specific field is something they rarely consider. Specifically, because they believe that as long as someone possesses a strong work ethic, a strong desire to learn, and the will to win, they can provide them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

Monarch Movements argues that lack of experience, as an excuse, isn’t valid.

3/ I’m too tired

For entrepreneurs, 60-hour workweeks aren’t uncommon. However, the solution is making some lifestyle changes to counteract lethargy and tiredness. Stress or poor time management can bring on fatigue, two problems that are easily rectified claims Damian Crofts of Monarch Movements. “You need to make it a priority to stay energised throughout the day, and this can be achieved by discarding the bad habits that lead to tired feelings.

4/ It’s too late

As people get older, they feel like time is running out and that they have missed their window of opportunity. “The only limitations are the ones that we place on ourselves. If there is still air in your lungs and an unbreakable passion and desire, keep grinding.”

There are always going to be obstacles to overcome, but rather than making excuses as to why it can’t be done, drop the excuses and find a solution. To be successful, you have to be a problem solver.” Said Mr Crofts.

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