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5 Effective Ways to Always Keep Your Body Guessing, Boosting Results

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Retro Fitness, a Leading Low-Cost, High-Value Fitness Franchise, Shares Effective Strategies to Help Incorporate Muscle Confusion into a Workout Routine

The concept of muscle confusion has been around since the 80s but just recently became a hotter topic as people look for new ways to gain mass quickly and increase stability in core muscle regions. Before you go any further, you must know that to truly understand the concept of muscle confusion, everything you previously knew about weight training must go out the door.

Muscle confusion keeps your body constantly guessing. When you perform the same workout by doing the same number of reps, using the same machines and targeting the same muscle groups, the growth of your muscles becomes stagnant – leading to a decline in overall strength. By altering different variables and targeting a variety of core muscles, your body becomes challenged to keep up with your new found unpredictability and has no option but to accept the changes.

Retro Fitness CEO and founder Eric Casaburi says the hardest part about creating a muscle confusion routine is pushing through the pain in order to meet your weekly goals. “As you begin to target and strengthen forgotten muscle groups, your body will require longer times to recover at first. Pushing through that pain in the offset will give you the confidence to keep with it and see serious results.”

Casaburi outlined several effective strategies to help incorporate muscle confusion into your workout routine. Remember, unpredictability and uncertainty are your friends when creating a routine around muscle confusion.

Regularly be Irregular. Become more cognizant of all the muscle groups that make up your body. Regularly alter your plan to target forgotten muscles, while also increasing the weight and reps over time. The first rule of an effective muscle confusion routine is there is no structure or plan.
Alter Reps for Increased Stimulation. If you have been doing the same routine for the past six months, slowly introduce new exercises into your plan and work on them for 12 weeks. Within that span, try to adjust the sets and reps to increase muscle stimulation.
Body Measurements. It sounds like a no brainer, but in order to gauge the success of your new workout, plan on taking your body measurements from day one. This will help you keep tabs on your progress.
Rest Time. Keep your body guessing by resting for different lengths of time between sets. The unpredictability adds yet another layer of “confusion” to the workout and will help maximize the results of your weight training.
A Small Piece of Advice. Lightly altering your grip or bar type can stimulate different muscles and give you the variation your body requires.
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