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Untreated salpingitis causes infertility – Expert

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Dr Adaora Ukoh, an Abuja based gynaecologist, has warned that untreated salpingitis could lead to complications and infertility.

Ukoh disclosed this in an interview on Friday in Abuja.

She described salpingitis as an inflammation of the fallopian tubes caused by bacterial infection.

According to her, salpingitis is one of the most common causes of female infertility, noting that it is two types namely acute and chronic.

She added that salpingitis could lead to infertility if not properly treated and cause damage to fallopian tubes so that eggs released in each menstrual cycle would not meet up the sperm.

Ukoh also mentioned that there are many causes of the condition such as Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs), Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PIDs) and abortion, among others.

Besides, the medical practitioner noted that preventing salpingitis would start from practicing safe sex such as the use of condom.

She also advocated for urgent medical help if a sexual partner had STIs in order to prevent the condition.

“Women should avoid vaginal douche after sexual intercourse and avoid the use of petroleum jelly in the vagina.

“Do not have oral sex with someone who has genital sores as well as penile and vaginal discharge.

“Avoidance of multiple sexual partners also helps in preventing salpingitis,’’ she said.

She therefore said that treatment of the condition could require administering of antibiotics for two weeks as well as surgical removal of the fallopian tubes, if damaged tubes were present.

Ukoh also advised women susceptible to the condition to always seek for medical check in order to avoid complications associated with salpingitis.

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