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13 Things Only Women Who Don't Wear Makeup Will Understand

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The idea of putting makeup on your face feels weird.As a woman who doesn't apply makeup,you can probably relate:


1.You don’t know what most makeup products are for.

Iman pressed powder, Mac lipstick, Covergirl bronzer,House of Tara eyeshadow palette, Mud blush, Mary Kay foundation ,… What are those? How do you use a lash curler?

2.The few times you tried to do your makeup, it was a disaster.


3.On the rare occasions when you put on the little makeup you know how to apply, you forget that you have eye liner on and wipe your eyes.

No, I wasn’t punched in the face.

4.Not understanding why you need lip liner, brow liner and eye liner.
Why can’t it be all in one?

5.You don't undertand your friends' obsession with makeup.

6.You constantly wonder if you would look prettier if you wore makeup.


7.Free from acne/pimples and all the side effects of not properly cleaning off your makeup before going to bed

8. When the only eye makeup you can do is the smokey eye.

It started off being winged eye liner plus mascara, but you lack the skills of keeping your hand straight. Somehow, everywhere smudge smudge.

9.When your skin looks so good that friends ask if you have makeup on when you don’t.

Baby-skinned beauty. Flawless.

10. You save so much money.

An average woman will spend over $15000 on makeup (that is almost N5 million) in her lifetime. Who needs those things that cost a fortune? Certainly not you.

11. And so much time.

No extra ten minutes to an hour just to get ready for the day. Those women who spend time on makeup will spend an average of two weeks in a year on makeup only. You definitely won’t be keeping anybody waiting because of the extra time required to beat your face.

12. When you only wear makeup on special occasions.

End of lent/Ramaddan, Christmas, your birthday and maybe the coming of Jesus.

13.When your eyebrows are full without you using brow pencil or powder.
Eyebrows on fleek!

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