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YouTube, Netflix and Microsoft Office 365 Top List of Best performing SAAS applications Used By Corporate Network Users

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New Voyance Live analysis of real network traffic from 250 billion client device transactions reveals actual app performance and usage across enterprise networks

Nyansa, Inc. ("ni-ans-sah"), a fast-growing innovator of a new generation of network analytics software technology, today published results of its analysis of more than 250 billion client device events and 64 Petabytes (PB) of traffic traversing dozens of live enterprise computer networks using Voyance, Nyansa's commercial IT analytics service.

The results of the analysis are published on Voyance Live, a free, public network industry statistics dashboard. They reveal a range of trends and application insights such as top performing, worst performing, and most used applications accessed by more than 2 million clients devices on a weekly basis.

"The volumes of data we are collecting and analyzing from live enterprise network traffic is simply unprecedented," said Clement Renault, Data Scientist at Nyansa. "We believe the results of this data analysis should be freely shared across the entire industry so companies can determine the potential impact of these trends from huge volumes of quantifiable data they otherwise wouldn't have access to or from which they couldn't correlate meaningful insights."

How Are The Most Popular Enterprise Applications Performing?

Based on application response times, such as TCP retransmissions, the top performing enterprise application was YouTube, followed by Netflix and Microsoft Office 365. Of the top ten most frequently accessed applications, DropBox, Pokemon Go and twitter accounted for the worst performing applications.

Relative to weekly traffic volumes, the top three applications included YouTube that consumed more than 110 terabytes (TB) of network traffic, followed by Facebook with 64 TB and SKYPE that consumed 13 TB of traffic.

Based on the weekly number of unique users accessing applications across 40 enterprise networks, Facebook took the top spot with nearly one million users, Followed by SKYPE with 590,000 users and YouTube with 580,000 users.

What are the biggest Network problems?

Of the biggest network problems facing users on enterprise networks, Wi-Fi, ARP and DHCP incidents topped the list, representing 70%, 12% and 9% of client issues respectively.

Of client operating system problems when interacting with DCHP, Apple's iOS reported the most incidents while Android (v4.4) reported the most problems relative to Wi-Fi network (SSID) incidents.

More information, industry statistics and network analytics can be freely obtained by visiting the Voyance Live public network analytics portal at: http://www.nyansa.com/VoyanceLive/

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