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New E-Learning Course Breaks Down the Communication Barrier and Teaches How to Adapt and Connect With Others

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McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. announces the launch of a revolutionary e-learning platform, LINKS™ Online. This virtual course is specifically designed to train users to identify, adapt and enhance the communication process.

Users will learn the skills needed to optimize every interaction they have.

"It's an essential life-skills course," says Roger HB Davies, the author and Executive Producer of LINKS™ Online. "It's the underlying structure of communication that allows each of us to adjust our message so we can more effectively "link" to the preferred style of our audience."

"LINKS™ Online shows everyone how to master this process," he adds. "So you can learn how to connect with anyone and get your point across the first time."

Built from global research from over 6,000 surveyed professionals, LINKS™ Online reveals an individual has one of three preferred communication styles.

Users will get the chance to take a cognitive assessment that will uncover their preferred style of communication. They will then delve further and learn how to identify the key traits of each style, career trends, strengths, shortcomings and how it ties into their professional careers.

By understanding each style, professionals will be able to modify their communication to meet the needs of others, adapt their delivery and apply each style in their professional life. This will eliminate workplace conflict, speed up the exchange of ideas and help users manage and lead more effectively.

Essentially, LINKS™ Online provides the toolkit to fast, clear and persuasive communication in the workplace.

"This course was originally offered as a live, in-person workshop," says Amanda James, Vice President of Operations at McLuhan & Davies. "However we saw a growing demand for flexible learning options and there was an opportunity to transform LINKS™ into a digital course."

Through six highly interactive 15-minute modules, users will engage in over 70 screens of games, challenges, comics and quizzes. The program provides users with the opportunity to master concepts and develop strategies that will prove vital in the workforce.

"Education and learning now occurs in a multi-dimensional universe that requires both personal interaction and cutting-edge technologies," adds James. "This program not only meets the demand but provides a solution to common communication challenges."

LINKS™ Online empowers professionals to take learning beyond the classroom; discovering the inner-workings of their mind and how they can channel their communication to maximize and optimize workplace opportunities.

This virtual classroom offers the engagement of a live workshop with the flexibility and affordability of an online course.

LINKS™ Online is now available and can be accessed at www.thinkonyourfeet.com/online-learning-solutions

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