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DakApp - The Art of Learning

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DakApp is an app that delves into the knowledge sector and high level interactive praxis in a completely new way.

With it, performers, musicians or anyone interested in music can gain access to a vast catalogue of masterclasses with some of the best soloists and teachers in the world. With DakApp, an unparalleled world of knowledge can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere in the world, through the use of a mobile device. The on-site masterclass model, set at a certain time and place, has changed. DakApp exploits all the possibilities offered by new technologies as well as the massive access to them in order to bring the best of classical music to all users. No more request forms, waits, expenses and limited access to the best teachers. They will be right in your hand with DakApp.

Leonidas Kavakos, the great Greek violinist, makes his debut as a DakApp teacher with an exceptional masterclass on Felix Mendelssohn's Violin concerto No. 2. He will be joined by Pedro Barreto on violin and Ai Motohashi on piano in a luxurious exclusive for DakApp. Kavakos is one of the most remarkable and influential violinists of the last two decades, and a fascinating example of a virtuoso; an expressive artist with extraordinary communicative skills. He has been trained in violin since his childhood and his career has been established through his work under three great masters: Stelios Kafantaris, Josef Gingold and Ferenc Rados. He constantly plays for the greatest international orchestras and he is one of the most sought-after violinists by the best ensembles and conductors in the world. Kavakos has built a stunning and solid career, and he has become one of the current leading examples of musical performance.

Massive access to his contents is a priority for DakApp, as is giving new students and soloists a chance to learn from the best performers in the world. DakApp is available for any mobile device. In just one click the user will download an extensive and complete set of contents featuring all the masterclasses, as well as a series of supplementary materials (full scores, comments and analysis on the context and interpretative evolution of the piece) designed by experts on each matter. Another platform, DakAdemy, is an innovative project brought by DakApp that offers a special in-person master programme that gives musicians the chance to perfect their skills and expand their knowledge of top level performance. Through this programme, musicians can gain access to a whole world of in-person classes with great teachers and collaborations with orchestras, festivals and many other platforms that will allow for a development in their possibilities as performers.

DakApp's catalogue never stops growing and currently features a remarkable number of teachers, with Jean-Guihen Queyras, Gautier Capuçon or Ning Feng among them. The available musical pieces are individually accessible through the new monthly subscription model, which allows for full access to the catalogue. DakApp is available on App Store and Google Play. You can enter the official website

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